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Shiny Charmeuse

$20 /yard
  • Satin with matte finish on the back
  • Light stretch gives it trustworthy durability
  • Rich, luxurious feel
  • Ideal for form-fitting apparel
  • Printed with Oeko-Tex certified fiber reactive dyes

Sustainable and made in the USA

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No minimum order requirement

Long-lasting fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


96% Recycled Polyester, 4% Spandex


97 GSM


.22 mm

Print Width

54 inches

Product Description

Shiny and Satiny

Start your DIY project off on the right foot with this shiny charmeuse fabric, made from 96% recycled polyester. Fabric on Demand’s commitment to high-quality sustainable fabric that still works with any custom design is best highlighted with this silky, beautiful fabric that’s also good for the environment.

The spandex in the blend gives this fabric a durable stretch, meaning it can be used for all sorts of apparel and drapery needs while maintaining its elegant, satin finish. Despite it's affordable fabric pricing you’ll be quite the luxurious package when wrapped up in this fabric.

Especially suited to form-fitting apparel because of its polyester and spandex composition, this charmeuse makes for eye-catching dresses, undergarments, and even athletic wear like dance costumes.

Additionally, its stretchy drape means it’s ideal for all sorts of home linens, decorations, and crafts. With our custom fabric printing the possibilities are endless with this upscale fabric that will sparkle in the sun and hold you attention for a long time to come.

Product Usage

Best Used For:





Linens and Tablecloths


Product Care

To Care for Our Shiny Charmeuse Fabric:

  1. Machine wash with similar colors on cold to prevent bleeding or fading.
  2. Tumble dry at low temperature.
  3. If ironing, use a dry, hot setting with a pressing cloth to protect the fabric.

Product FAQs

What is the recommended needle size for sewing with Shiny Charmeuse?

This lightweight fabric is best with a fine needle, such as a 10 or 12, due to its satin finish and matte backing.

Can I dye Shiny Charmeuse fabric?

With Fabric on Demand, there’s no need. Simply upload you preferred fabric pattern or design and we’ll print your fabric with high-quality, long-lasting color.

Does Shiny Charmeuse shrink after washing?

Avoid extreme temperatures when washing or drying your fabric to prevent shrinking. Pre-washing can also lead to additional shrinkage.

Can the Shiny Charmeuse fabric be used for outdoor projects?

Yes! Its polyester blend makes outdoor projects an easy application of this fabric. Outdoor curtains and decor can be made from our shiny charmeuse.

Is the Shiny Charmeuse suitable for upholstery projects?

This type of fabric is better used for drapery and linens in the home due to its silky, stretchy nature.