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Double Brush

$26 /yard
  • Buttery-soft fabric blend ideal for apparel
  • Stretchy and sturdy from its polyester base
  • Brushed on both sides from ultimate comfort
  • Durable while still light to medium weight
  • Versatile for all your cozy fabric needs

Sustainable and made in the USA

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Long-lasting fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


88% Polyester, 12% Spandex


230 GSM


.51 mm

Print Width

56 inches

Product Description

The Ultimate Comfort Fabric

Double brushed poly spandex is the fabric of your cloud-filled dreams. Its polyester and spandex-blended construction provides a durable, sturdy base for your light-to-medium-weight fabric needs. Fabric on Demand’s well-known commitment to long-lasting fabric provides an extra reassurance that your fabric won’t lose its feel and your colors will stay vibrant, even through wash cycles.

Brushed on both sides, this fabric is reminiscent of wrapping yourself up in a luxurious hotel bathrobe or blanket. It’s soft to the touch, with a consistent, buttery texture. Yes, we used that word again – buttery. It’s the perfect way to describe this fabric that puts comfort first.

Because it still maintains good stretch and recovery thanks to its composition, double brush fabric is deal for leggings, dresses, tank tops, and more custom fabric printing projects. For children who seek softness in all their daily clothes, they’ll still be able to play and be active in their new favorite double brush pieces.

With limitless possibilities, this double brush is a favorite fabric type of Fabric on Demand.

Product Usage

Best Used For:



Tops and tanks

Blankets and sheets


Kids apparel

Product Care

To Care for Our Double Brush Fabric:

  1. Machine wash with similar colors on gentle cold setting.
  2. Hang on line to dry, do not tumble or wring to dry.
  3. Use only non-chlorine bleach and iron on cool.

Product FAQs

Can double brush fabric be used for upholstery projects?

Certainly, for smaller projects like pillows and cushions. Double brush fabric is sturdy thanks to its polyester blend, but its softness makes it best for bedding.

Can you iron double brush fabric?

Absolutely. Use the coolest setting on the iron to ensure it retains its soft feel.

Is double brush fabric stretchy and breathable?

With spandex used as part of its composition, double brush fabric has reliable 4-way stretch. However, the majority of this fabric is polyester, meaning it’s not quite as breathable as others, such as cotton.

Does double brush fabric shrink after washing?

Double brush fabric is unlikely to shrink after washing thanks to its polyester blend. Be sure to follow to washing instructions to preserve the fabric over time.

What needle size is best for double brush fabric?

A 10 or 11 needle is best for this light-to-medium-weight fabric.