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Twill - Cotton

$31 /yard
  • Distinctive diagonal lines create a timeless appeal
  • Used to craft fashionable and durable items
  • Sturdy and long-lasting with closely woven yarns
  • Natural stain-hiding and wrinkle resistance
  • Versatile for pants, jackets, dresses, neckties, and more

Sustainable and made in the USA

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Low minimum order requirement

Durable fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


100% Cotton


213 GSM


0.33 mm

Print Width

54 inches

Product Description

Fashionable, Timeless Appeal - Twill Cotton

Twill cotton fabric is known for distinctive diagonal lines on the fabric's face that create a weave pattern with timeless appeal. You've seen it in your favorite pants, blazers, and more. This pattern and twill itself have been around for ages, used to craft fashionable and durable items worldwide. 

This fabric is all about timelessness, durability, and style. It's packed with closely woven yarns, making it sturdy and ensuring the pieces last against the elements and over continued wear. With its high thread count, it is built to last so you get great value at the fabric cost per yard

Our twill cotton fabric naturally hides stains and resists wrinkles. This makes it a practical choice for those who want to keep their garments looking fresh and clean and those who are crafting frequently worn or used items.

Whether you're creating tailored pants or flowing skirts, twill fabric adds an element of elegance to your garments because of its beautiful drape. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a polished and sophisticated look.

Twill fabric isn't just limited to pants and jackets. It's versatile! Lighter-weight twill, like our twill cotton fabric can even be used for dresses and neckties in addition to the more classic uses. Design your fabric pattern using this fabric. The comfort, sophistication, and on-trend nature of twill cotton will be a perfect fit for any of your custom fabric printing projects.

Get ready to craft timeless items with our twill cotton fabric - blending durability, convenience, and beauty.

Product Usage

Best Used For:






Furniture Covers

Product Care

To Care for Our Twill Cotton Fabric:

  1. Machine wash with similar colors in cold water on delicate cycle.
  2. Hang to dry or dry flat, do not tumble or wring to dry.
  3. Ensure no soaking, rubbing, or bleaching.

Product FAQs

Can twill cotton fabric be used for upholstery projects?

Absolutely! Twill cotton fabric's durability and stylish appeal make it an excellent choice for upholstery projects, including chairs, sofas, and cushions.

Does twill cotton fabric require prewashing before sewing?

While it's not always necessary, prewashing twill cotton fabric can help minimize shrinkage and ensure optimal results. We recommend following the fabric's care instructions and testing a small fabric swatch or fat quarter before proceeding.

Can twill cotton fabric be used for home decor projects like curtains or table runners?

Twill cotton fabric's elegant drape and durability make it perfect for various home decor projects. From curtains to table runners, twill fabric adds a touch of sophistication and functionality to your living spaces.

Does twill cotton fabric shrink after washing?

Twill cotton fabric may experience minimal shrinkage after washing, especially if it hasn't been prewashed. To minimize shrinkage, we recommend prewashing the fabric before starting your project.

Does twill cotton fabric work well with heat transfer vinyl or embroidery?

Yes, twill cotton fabric is compatible with heat transfer vinyl and embroidery. Its smooth surface allows for crisp and vibrant designs. Just ensure you follow the appropriate techniques and recommendations for a successful application.